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Rancho Cucamonga Criminal Defense Lawyer

Don't fight your case alone!

Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer with over a decade of experience in getting criminal charges dismissed!

If you've been charged with a criminal case, whether it is a Felony or a Misdemeanor, you should hire Burga Law Firm PC. We will fight for you. We will make sure that the prosecution plays fair and fight off baseless charges. Don't try fighting your case alone, you might have a legal defense that can result in a dismissal of your charges. Our legal team has years of experience and we know how to win your case. 

Connect with a top-rated Criminal Defense Lawyer to Fight Your Case

Being charged with a criminal offense may be distressing, with a lot of uncertainty going on in your head. Whether you have committed the crime or not, you cannot be at rest until you're proven innocent. That's when you should connect with a Criminal Defense Lawyer.

At Burga Law Firm, we help people navigate through the American legal system and ensure higher chances of success for them. As a reputed criminal attorney in San Bernardino, CA, Mr. Burga holds extensive experience handling criminal cases. He is always ready to help you fight your legal battle and emerge as a winner by best representing your case in court. So, if you're looking for an experienced criminal defense attorney in San Bernardino, CA, you're at the right place.

Your hunt for a trusted Los Angeles-based Criminal Defense Lawyer ends right here!

You might be looking for a trusted criminal attorney in Los Angeles to avoid the harsh consequences associated with criminal charges. If that's the case, it is time to put an end to your search for the best Los Angeles-based criminal defense lawyer.

At Law Burga Firm PC, we have a team of experienced lawyers who can best represent your case before you accept any plea offered by the court. With the best Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer by your side, you can expect more favorable outcomes. Our Los Angeles criminal lawyer will try their best to dismiss a case, and if they cannot, they know how to negotiate a plea and avoid serious consequences.

Time to connect with a top-rated Riverside Criminal Defense Attorney

Criminal charges are not only scary but humiliating at the same time. They may cause serious harm to you and your family. That's the reason you should connect with a Rancho Cucamonga criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. A Rancho Cucamonga criminal lawyer will defend your rights and ensure better protection and safety for the other family members.

At Burga Law Firm PC, we offer criminal defense and post-conviction relief services to our clients looking for a reliable Rancho Cucamonga defense attorney. We understand their purpose behind connecting with a Rancho Cucamonga defense lawyer and make sure to meet their expectations by offering the required legal support in criminal cases such as:

If you're charged with any of the above, it is time to connect with our criminal lawyer in West Covina.

In addition, we offer the below post-conviction relief support:

  • Prop 47 Resentencing
  • Expungements
  • PC 1203.43 Motions to Set Aside Guilty Plea and Dismiss
  • Motion to Reduce Felony to Misdemeanor
  • PC 1473.7 Motion to Vacate Conviction (Immigration)
  • PC 1016 Motion to Vacate for failure to advise of immigration consequences

Reach out to the best Riverside County Criminal Attorney today! 

Your legal battle is not yours alone anymore! We have a welcoming system where a Riverside County criminal attorney will thoroughly observe your case, understand its specific requirements, and keep you posted on the most recent updates of your case. Being an experienced Riverside criminal defense attorney, Mr. Burga understands the harsh impacts of criminal charges on the person and their family. He uses his expertise to guide his team in easing things further.

Reach out to us and allow our Pomona criminal lawyer to eliminate your legal vulnerabilities using the most suitable strategies.

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