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There are many outstanding warrants for people who may not even be aware that they have a warrant. Perhaps the court ordered you to register for a program, and that program said they'll file the proof of registration for you, but they forgot to file it. This means that the Judge believes that you didn't register for that program and may issue a warrant for your arrest.

Getting arrested unexpectedly for a Warrant can be a headache. Let us take care of your Warrant.

Burga Law Firm PC understands that sometimes people are not able to complete what the Judge requires them to do. Sometimes extraordinary circumstances get in the way of you trying to follow the Judge's orders. You get a better job out of State and you leave before completing what the judge asked you to do. This may result in a warrant.

There are two types of warrants, bench warrant and an arrest warrant.

What is a bench warrant?

If you have a court date and you fail to appear or have an attorney appear for you, the Judge may issue a bench warrant. This means that you'll be arrested and that you'll have to pay a bond. The bond amount depends on how much the Judge issued the bench warrant for. The judge will determine that amount based on the history of failure to appears and the severity of the charge.

Burga Law Firm PC is an experienced bench warrant attorney in Rancho Cucamonga. We have been successful in obtaining favorable decisions for our clients who have bench warrants. Recalling a bench warrant requires convincing the Judge that your failure to appear was due to a justifiable situation or cause.

What is an arrest warrant?

Arrest warrants are issued by the judge before the case begins. This means that law enforcement has probable cause that you committed a crime. An arrest warrant will result in you being arrested and taken into custody to face criminal charges. They may be issued without you even knowing about it. They sometimes come with a Search Warrant that allows them to search your premises for the item they are looking for listed in the warrant.

Burga Law Firm PC is an experienced arrest warrant attorney and we can help you fight the warrant. Arrest warrants have certain requirements that must be met and if they do not meet these requirements then your Constitutional rights are violated and you must be released.

The requirements of an arrest warrant are:

  • Probable cause - the reason why the officer believes you should be arrested

  • Based on police affidavits

  • Issued by a detached neutral judge or grand jury

  • Specific description of the person to be arrested

As a Criminal Defense Attorney in Rancho Cucamonga we have been very successful in fighting bench warrants and arrest warrants. Call now! (909) 538-8320

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