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5 Ways Pomona DUI Lawyers Can Ease Things for DUI Offenders

Posted by Arturo Angel. Burga | Nov 02, 2021 | 0 Comments

Driving under the influence is a severe crime that may lead to severe penalties. Still, the DUI arrest counts are only surging in different states of the USA. 

As per a DUI arrest report published by the AAC, the count was 938.8 per 100k people in 2017 for South Dakota, 836.4 per 100k in North Dakota, 311 per 100k in California, and 307.4 per 100k in South Carolina. While the count varies from one state to the other, it indicates that DUI continues to be a common incident despite strict actions by the government. It further emphasizes the importance of Pomona DUI lawyers.

Reaching out to a DUI attorney in the event of a DUI arrest helps you in several ways:

Less time in court

DUI cases may be considerably stressful for a new lawyer, but for an experienced attorney, they are not. They know how to navigate through complexities and bring favorable outcomes. This expertise helps you spend as little time as possible in the court so that you can focus on other important things related to the case. 

Better exposure to the legal structure

A DUI lawyer knows the legal structure better than you. It is their daily job. So, reaching out to a trusted attorney means better exposure to the system and a better understanding of what to do and what not to. Their knowledge is valuable, and most of them have good relations with the prosecution team. All this helps while negotiating a reduced sentence or ensuring an agreeable deal for both parties.

Save money and license

DUI charges act as a threat against your driver's license. They also cost you a lot of money during the process. Pomona DUI lawyers know how to end the case quickly, saving time and money. They work on lessening the charges and help you get your license back. 

Reduced sentence/dismissal of your case

The penalties of DUI charges vary according to different situations. Experienced lawyers use it as an opportunity to present your case in a way that ensures a reduced sentence or sometimes dismissal of the case. While negotiating a reduced sentence is a common practice, an experienced attorney may even help you win, dismissing the charges.

Reputation and peace of mind

A DUI charge can tarnish your reputation, making your family suffer its consequences. That's the reason reaching out to a DUI lawyer is important without giving it a second thought. They will help find evidence to support your case, erase records, and negotiate a favorable deal in the court.

The bottom line

Driving in California is fun as long as it doesn't fall under the criminal activity umbrella. And once it does, there is no way to escape on your own. Reaching out to experienced Pomona DUI lawyers can be the best decision in such cases as they can save you and your loved ones from the harsh consequences of a DUI charge.

In case you're looking for a trusted DUI attorney, reach out to us today and let us ease your legal trouble.

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