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Burga Law Firm PC, a Rancho Cucamonga Immigration Attorney, focuses on Immigration Law. Our success in this field finds it’s motivation from the look at our client’s facial expressions when they receive their legal documents. Immigration law covers many areas. Burga Law Firm PC focuses on Removal Defense, Naturalization, DACA, Adjustment of Status, Family Petitions, Visas for Victims of Crimes (U Visa and VAWA) and more.

We keep Families Together

Our goal at Burga Law Firm PC is to keep families together. We represent many clients in various immigration issues. Along with our knowledge and experience in Criminal Defense, we practice “Crimmigration” by defending our immigrant clients in Criminal Court. We look for the best possible solution to help you avoid drastic immigration consequences.

Beware of “Notarios” and Immigration Fraud

Being apart from your family members can put a drain on you emotionally. Our current immigration laws make it complicated for individuals to process their paperwork. This need creates vulnerability in the immigrant community. A lot of times, individuals such as “Notarios” take advantage of people who are trying to immigrate their family member. These “Notarios” charge outrageous fees, make false promises and give legal advice without a license to practice law. The best way to protect yourself is by going with an experienced Immigration Attorney.

We help you fight your deportation case

If you are served with a Notice to Appear (NTA) in Immigration Court by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), or Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), give us call! We’ll evaluate your case and help you find the best solution to your situation. Whether it is getting an Immigration Bond because you have been detained or appearing for you at the Immigration Court, Burga Law Firm PC is ready to fight for your defense.


Our legal professional team is ready to defend and represent your case . Call our law firm at (909) 538-8320 or tell us more about your case and we will get back to you.