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What do I do if I get bit by a dog?

Do I need a dog bite lawyer Rancho Cucamonga?

You are walking your neighborhood, and out of nowhere a dog runs loose and attacks you. Was the dog on a leash? Does the dog belong to anyone? These are probably not the first questions that will come to your mind while you get attacked by a ferocious dog. Whatever your injuries are, the first thing you are thinking of is getting help, getting your wounds treated. The liability or who is going to pay for these medical bills may come second, but you as the victim shouldn’t be the one worrying about these bills.
Get your injuries treated and call a dog bite lawyer right away. Burga Law Firm PC has been practicing personal injuries from dog bites for many years. As your dog bite attorney, we’ll do our best to get you back where you were before your injury.

Will the owner’s Homeowner’s Insurance cover my medical bills from a dog bite?

Although most Homeowner’s Insurance will cover your medical bills, some don’t. Depending on the type of breed, some insurers specifically exclude certain dog breeds from their policies.

Dog bite attorneys know how to get insurance companies working in your case. Dog injuries can range from minor bites to serious physical harm. Regardless of the type of breed, owners are strictly liable for the damages caused by their dogs. It means that owners can’t dispute who was at fault. The owner is automatically responsible for paying for your injuries.

Insurance companies may try to delay communicating with you, but with Burga Law Firm PC as your dog bite attorney in Rancho Cucamonga, we’ll be able to get your case solved and get you treated right away.

Dog Bite Injuries

Dog bite injuries are recoverable by law. Besides the severe physical wounds, dog victims may also recover for emotional damage caused by the event.

Some common injuries are:

  • Puncture Wounds

  • Lacerations

  • Contusions

  • Infection

  • Amputation

  • Fractures

If you or your loved one has become a victim of a dog attack, please do not hesitate to call Burga Law Firm PC. We will get you the immediate medical care needed, loss of income, and pain and suffering.

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