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Do you have a California Arrest Warrant or Bench Warrant?

We know people have better things to do than having to spend time in jail. If you have an arrest warrant or a bench warrant, get an attorney to take care of if now! Do not take the risk of handling your bench or arrest warrant alone because it can put you in jail. The Arrest Warrant Bench Warrant Attorney at Burga Law Firm PC helps people through the court process to avoid having to spend time in jail. We appear in court for you, so that you don’t have to. Once we get your warrant quashed (cleared), we can schedule another hearing to appear in court without the fear of having to be arrested in front of everyone in court.

What is a bench warrant?

A Bench Warrant is issued by the court whenever you fail to appear in court, fail to pay a fine or fail to obey a court order issued by a judge. The amount of the warrant varies according to the type of crime and criminal history. If you have a warrant and you make contact with law enforcement, you may be arrested and taken to jail.

What can I do if I have a bench warrant?

People who have a bench warrant can call to speak with us. We help quash or recall the warrant for you, that way it is cleared, and you could avoid having to spend time in jail. Depending on the seriousness of the crime, you may not have to appear in court with us. We could handle the warrant for you if it arose out of a misdemeanor case. However, if you fail to obey a court order that emerged out of a felony, you must appear in court to have the warrant recalled or quashed. Don’t try to appear in court alone without competent representation.

What if I ignore the bench warrant?

If you ignore the bench warrant, it will not disappear on its own. If you get stopped for a traffic citation, or for any reason, an officer may run your name to see if you have any outstanding warrants. That is the first thing that officers do, is try to find out if you have any outstanding warrants. If the officer finds that you have an arrest warrant or bench warrant, you could be arrested, taken to the police station, see a judge and go through the expense of getting a bail bond. (California Penal Code Section 1284). Burga Law Firm PC is a Bench Warrant Attorney in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. We can appear in court for you (unless you have a felony).

What happens if I appear in court to clear my bench warrant?

The best way to handle your bench warrant is by appearing in court. The judge may release you with a simple warning, or send you to jail, depending on the circumstances, the seriousness of the crime, your criminal history and if you are a flight risk. You must be ready to explain the court your failure to comply.

At Burga Law Firm PC, we clear bench warrants for our clients with success. Give us a call! Whether you have a Bench Warrant in Rancho Cucamonga Superior Court, Riverside Superior Court, Fontana Superior Court, Orange County Superior Court or Los Angeles Superior Court, we are ready to serve you.

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