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Burga Law Firm PC the number of in Rancho Cucamonga across from the Rancho Cucamonga Superior Court. We are in court almost every day defending clients arrested for various charges including DUI’s.

Are you being charged with a DUI (Driving Under the Influence) case? Life can get complicated from one day to another after being accused of a DUI. The worries of losing your job, having your license suspended or revoked, having to serve time in jail or pay fines can put a toll on anyone. You probably weren’t even drunk, or if you were drunk, you weren’t even driving. Therefore you do not deserve to be charged with Driving Under the Influence. Whether it is your first DUI, second DUI or even third and while on probation, whatever your situation is, we can handle it. Call our office at Burga Law Firm PC. We serve Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Riverside, and Orange Counties.

We’ll answer your questions during our first meeting, and let you know what we can do for you. Let our Rancho Cucamonga DUI Defense Attorneys solve your case so you can live without stress.

If arrested for driving under the influence, you need DUI Defense. A DUI could have severe consequences in your life and employment. They can get your driving privileges suspended, force you to pay fines or even lose your job. At Burga Law Firm PC we are a Rancho Cucamonga DUI Defense Lawyer. We focus on beating a DUI case and in the alternative, we work on getting you the best outcome possible. Just because the officer arrests you for a DUI, doesn’t mean that your case is hopeless. In some cases, the Judge will exclude the evidence due to an officer mistake or other constitutional rights violations.

Do I have to blow in the breathalyzer if I am stopped for a DUI?

You are not required to blow in the breathalyzer; but if you refuse to do so and in the end, you end up getting convicted, your refusal becomes another charge, which could result in you serving jail time. Even though there are many tricks people use to try to cheat the breathalyzer, we don’t recommend you try any tricks, as they could affect the reading of the breathalyzer, resulting in a higher alcohol content reading.

What should I do if I am arrested for a DUI in California?

If you are arrested for a DUI, the officer will take you to the station and give some test to determine your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC). A Chemical test is also administered to determine the type of chemical that caused you to be under the influence. If you refuse to do so, you could get another charge for a “Refusal,” this could affect your case even more. The officer will issue you a Temporary License that is good for 30 days. In the meantime, your driver’s license will be confiscated by the officer. You should immediately call a DUI Defense Lawyer. You usually have ten days to schedule a hearing with the DMV regarding your driver’s license suspension.

What happens at the DMV Hearing after a DUI in California?

At the hearing, the DMV hearing officer will try to determine three issues:

  • Was there reasonable cause for the officer to decide that you were driving under the influence?
  • Was your arrest lawful?
  • Was your blood alcohol content (BAC) greater than 0.08%?

These hearings are conducted either in person or by telephone. You are allowed to be represented by a DUI Defense attorney. If you win, you get to keep your driving privileges. If you lose, you could have your license suspended for four months to three years, depending on how many DUI’s you had in the past, or refused to take a chemical test.

If I win my DMV Hearing, will my DUI case be dismissed in court?

No; but you will have a stronger defense. It would be wise to have a DUI Defense Attorney represent you so that he can obtain a record of the DMV Hearing that can be of great value for your defense. Since DMV Hearings are independent of your court case, the next step will be to appear at your court hearing (Arraignment)?

What happens at my DUI Arraignment?

At the arraignment, the court will read you the charges filed against you. Your DUI Attorney can appear on your behalf, depending on the case and the judge. You have the chance to plead guilty, not guilty, or no contest. The prosecutor will make you an offer if you agree to make a plea that day. If you plead that day, your case will end, and you will be sentenced, letting you know if you have to serve time in jail, the total amount of your fines, offer of probation and penalties and required DUI courses. If you  plead not guilty, the judge will give you new court date called “Pre-Trial.” You or your DUI Attorney will receive a copy of the discovery (evidence against you) and an opportunity to challenge it.

What happens at my DUI Pre Trial Hearing

A Pre-Trial is a chance for you or your attorney to bargain for an offer. A DUI Defense Attorney will be able to determine if the offer from the District Attorney is a good deal for your situation or if it will be best to attack the DUI charge with Pre-Trial Motions to weaken the Prosecutor’s case.

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