Three years ago, a man was riding his bike down Reseda Boulevard when he encountered an unexpected obstacle. A tree root had lifted a section of pavement four inches, and when this cyclist’s front tire hit that bump, he was thrown from his bike. His resulting injuries left him in a wheelchair, and circumstances might mean Los Angeles can be held responsible for his crash.

How Can Los Angeles Be Held Responsible for a Bike Accident?

The man who crashed sustained injuries that left him unable to move his arms or legs, despite wearing a helmet. Worse yet, the bump that caused his accident had been reported to the city of Los Angeles several times. Not only had that bump been reported to officials, in reports uncovered by the Los Angeles Times, city inspectors had noted the needed repair but labeled it “non-emergency.”

The city’s untimely response, and the victim’s severity of injury, may have been the reason the City Council voted to settle this cyclist’s lawsuit on October 4th. Los Angeles will now have to pay the injured bike rider $7.5 million to settle the lawsuit. Unfortunately, this doesn’t solve the city’s problem with poorly maintained streets.

Have Bicycle Accidents Like This Happened Before?

In September, the city settled another bicycle injury lawsuit for $6.4 million, and before that, it paid another $4.5 million to settle the case of cyclist that died after hitting uneven pavement. Measures are being taken to fix the worst streets in the city, but the cost to fix some of these neglected roads could be staggering. For now, officials are blocking the opening of new bike lanes on streets that score inspection ratings below “A.” The city will also close bike lanes on streets that score below an “A,” so riders can have safer rides.

What other measures do you think Los Angeles should take? Could this type of negligence affect Rancho Cucamonga? What options do the people hurt in these accidents have? Our personal injury attorney at Burga Law Firm can help answer questions like these. Don’t be afraid to contact us if you have questions about your rights when it comes to a bicycle accident.