It’s soccer season and that means goodbye weekends. This is the time when parties in custody dispute should do their best to work with one another to help their children attend their practices and games. As a volunteer coach and referee, we often see both parties (although sitting separate) watching their child’s game. I am glad to see parents doing their best in keeping things cordial and setting a great example for their children.

However, this weekend, a father felt like it would be a great idea to express how he felt about his ex wife at his child’s soccer game by screaming and insulting her in front of the other parents, and spilling her drink on her. Displaying rage or any kind of violent behavior at your child’s soccer game is always a bad idea. A violent behavior in public can have serious consequences to the children. In this case, the mother has every right to go court and file protective orders.

No matter where you are in public, keep in mind that the person sitting near by or the referee of your child’s soccer game could be a family court judge.