Practice Area: Immigration
Outcome: Legal Permanent Resident

Client came to us at risk of deportation and we got him Legal Permanent Residence. Client was placed on ISAP (Intensive Supervision Appearance Program) and had to wear an ankle bracelet. He was doomed to be deported back to El Salvador. Prior attorneys had filed a Motion to Reopen his deportation case; but to no avail. An appeal was filed with the BIA (Bureau of Immigration Affairs) who also denied his Motion. He wanted to hire us to represent him at the 9th Circuit. After reviewing his file, we knew he didn’t stand a chance at the 9th Circuit. We quickly submitted a well prepared written request to the government attorney for a Joint Motion to Reopen. At the same time, a Motion to Stay Deportation was granted pending the government’s decision to join in the motion to reopen. The government agreed and Joint Motion to Reopen the Case and Terminate Deportation was granted by the Immigration Court. With the help of a Petition by his United States Citizen spouse, we were able to not only prevent his deportation; but get him a Legal Permanent Residence.