Time are volatile for undocumented immigrants in this country. Controversy and politics have spurred on a series of raids that has seen Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents entering homes to remove and deport people from the country. However, these agents cannot act with impunity. There are still regulations that govern what they can do, and having an understanding of your rights can be the best way to prevent deportation.

What Rights Do I Have If ICE Comes to My Door?

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has jumped into action in an effort to protect immigrant rights. The organization has started distributing fliers and launching social media campaigns in order to inform immigrants of their right. These bulletins are distributed in several languages, such as Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Spanish and English. Plus, they let people know what they can do in the event ICE shows up at their doorstep.

The ACLU flyer advises:

  • Do not open your door.
  • Ask why agents are at your home. (You can ask for an interpreter if you need one.)
  • If agents ask to enter, ask to see a warrant signed by a judge.
  • If ICE agents do not have a warrant, ask them to leave any information at your door.
  • Do not resist if they force their way in.
  • Tell everyone in the house to remain silent.
  • If you are arrested, stay silent, do not sign anything, and ask to speak to an attorney.

Though the political environment may not be friendly to immigrants at the moment, the rule of law has not broken down. There are many things you can do, and a qualified deportation defense attorney can help you explore these options.