Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense Attorney Rancho Cucamonga

Criminal Defense Attorney Rancho Cucamonga

Burga Law Firm PC can represent you at various stages of your case. Whether you need help from the beginning of the case or need us to take over your ongoing case, we are ready to protect your rights.

We are strategically located at walking distance from the Rancho Cucamonga Superior Court. Our Pomona office is located a block from the Pomona Superior Court. No matter how urgent your matter is, we can help. We can take over your case and appear in court for you. You will truly benefit having Burga Law Firm PC as your Criminal Defense Attorney Rancho Cucamonga.

Whatever you are being charged with, Burga Law Firm PC is ready to represent you. We network with experienced attorneys that will team up with you to build a strong defense.


Our legal professional team is ready to defend and represent your case . Call our law firm at (909) 538-8320 or tell us more about your case and we will get back to you.