Case Results

People vs. L

Client was arrested for having 80 plants of marijuana at his house. He had a card that allow him to cultivate up to 90 plants; but officers felt that he still needed to be arrested and pay a bond. After appearing at the scheduled arraignment, the District Attorney agreed not to file the case.

People vs. J. C.

Practice Area: DUI / DWI
Date: December 19, 2013
Outcome: Dismissal

Client was arrested for his 3rd DUI out of Orange County. He came to us from a referral. We appeared at the hearing; but the case had not been filed. Instead of going back to the office we immediately went to the District Attorney’s office to talk about the case. After a brief discussion, the District Attorney was not motivated to file the case.

P. vs. Valle J & M

Practice Area: Landlord / Tenant
Date: February 13, 2015
Outcome: Dismissal

Clients came to our office after I had already left. My assistant called me and due to the urgency of the matter I turned around and drove back to the office. Clients had been served with a Summons because their landlord was trying to evict them. Landlord had been receiving rent and clients had receipts. Landlord wanted them out right away because she wanted to make upgrades to the property. After informing client of his rights, we prepared and filed (next day) his Answer to the Eviction complaint. Two days later we received a fax from opposing counsel that they were going to dismiss the case. Clients were grateful that they were able to remain in their home that they had been paying rent for.

J vs. Zavala

Practice Area: Family
Date: April 3, 2015
Outcome: Protective Order – Granted

Client came to us from a town 3 hours away escaping a physically and emotionally abusive spouse. She began receiving multiple threats from her husband’s family members that she was going to get arrested for abandoning her husband. We immediately filed a Domestic Violence Restraining Order to protect her and her daughter. Turns out, as expected, that the threats from the husband’s family members were false and our client is now lives safe protected by with her Restraining Order.

EOIR – W. Sanabria

Practice Area: Immigration
Outcome: Legal Permanent Resident

Client came to us at risk of deportation and we got him Legal Permanent Residence. Client was placed on ISAP (Intensive Supervision Appearance Program) and had to wear an ankle bracelet. He was doomed to be deported back to El Salvador. Prior attorneys had filed a Motion to Reopen his deportation case; but to no avail. An appeal was filed with the BIA (Bureau of Immigration Affairs) who also denied his Motion. He wanted to hire us to represent him at the 9th Circuit. After reviewing his file, we knew he didn’t stand a chance at the 9th Circuit. We quickly submitted a well prepared written request to the government attorney for a Joint Motion to Reopen. At the same time, a Motion to Stay Deportation was granted pending the government’s decision to join in the motion to reopen. The government agreed and Joint Motion to Reopen the Case and Terminate Deportation was granted by the Immigration Court. With the help of a Petition by his United States Citizen spouse, we were able to not only prevent his deportation; but get him a Legal Permanent Residence.

People vs. K. Murillo

Practice Area: Criminal Defense
Date: December 17, 2014
Outcome: Reduction with No Jail Time

Client was parked on the street with friends. LA County Sheriffs arrived and began accosting client and her friends. After being placed in the back of the police car she was forced to confess that she drove the vehicle. Since she had a suspended licensed due to a DUI she was charged with Driving with a Suspended License. The charge comes with a minimum of 10 days in county jail. We filed a Motion to Suppress and successfully got her a reduction with no jail time.

People vs. B. Hurtado

Practice Area: Criminal Defense
Date: March 27, 2015
Outcome: Reduction to Disturbing the Peace

Client was involved in a heated argument at her parent’s house. Officers arrived, arrested her and charged her with Battery against her father. Client hired us and we successfully negotiated her a dismissal of the Battery in exchange for a Disturbing the Peace plea, so no jail time and no 52 week batterers course required.

People vs. O. H. Lagos

Practice Area: Criminal Defense
Date: April 9, 2015
Outcome: Reduction to Wet Reckless

Client had a DUI arrest in 2007 and failed to appear to his court date in Kern County Superior Court (Bakersfield). His failure to appear turned into a Bench Warrant. Client hired us, we filed Motion to Surrender and Recall Warrant. We got the motion granted and reduced the DUI to a “Wet Reckless”

People vs. B.J.

Practice Area: Criminal Defense
Date: September 24, 2013
Outcome: Reduction of Charge to Non CIMT

Client was detained for shoplifting and immediately sent to Immigration Detention Center in Adelanto to face deportation by the Immigration Court. The crime he was charged with was a Crime Involving Moral Turpitude. We came in the case, met with client in Adelanto, and after getting all the facts we presented the District Attorney with a new plea to a Temporary Possession of  Stolen Property charge (a Crime that is NOT Involving Moral Turpitude). This led to client getting  released from ICE Custody and avoiding deportation.

People vs. D. O’Brien

Practice Area: Criminal Defense
Date: August 8, 2014
Outcome: Reduction to Wet Reckless

Client was stopped for speeding and then arrested for a DUI and Refusal to take breathalyzer. We filed for a Motion to Suppress and got him a “Wet Reckless!”

EOIR – J. Zepeda

Practice Area: Immigration
Date: January 30, 2014
Outcome: Granted by Immigration Judge

Client a Legal Permanent Resident had 2 DUI’s and a Domestic Violence case. He was facing deportation by the Immigration Judge. No attorney would take his case. We took on the challenge and filed a Cancellation of Removal for Legal Permanent Residents. With the help of his family members who testified in court, we were able to successfully defend his deportation and help him retain his Legal Permanent Resident status.


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